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        Hong Kong Shude Education Group is a Hong Kong-platform and operation centre focused on the development of investment in education. Beginning in 2001, we invest in higher education, higher vocational education and education-related industries in mainland China. There are also investment held in Arts and Science College of Sichuan Normal University, Urban Vocational College of Sichuan, Fine Arts College of Sichuan Normal University and Fashion and Design College of Sichuan Normal University. In 2006, we started to invest independently in Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College. We invest 2.6 million dollars to establish our college into an area with 350 thousand square meters in 4 years time. The construction area of our campus is more than 100 thousand square meters. Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College starts the formal enrollment in 2010.

        In July 2010, the colleges we invested, which has a full-time training course, there has morethan 20,000 graduates and 35,000 current students. With China's economic and social development, and also the trend of globalization of the world, China and the world exchanges are including educational exchanges, increasing cooperation, among the international communities, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, promoting education becomes an unstoppable trend.The Hong Kong Shude education group will promote the education in particular higher education or vocational training, and so on. Exchange and cooperation as a responsibility to examine the strengths and common development approach to education development make their own contribution.

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