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Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College

        Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College is approved by the Provincial Government, the Ministry of Education for the record level of full-time specialist in Higher Education, enrollment for the high school graduates, who participate in the national college examination in provinces.

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Excellent Running Condition

        Our college is located the outside of Shiling Li Jian Bridge, San Huan Road, Chengdu East, it also located in the heart of the development at the eastern Chengdu and close to the Chengdu Passenger Station , which is largest transportation hub in Western China. The distance between the college and Tianfu Square in Chengdu Center is about 8 km. Our college covers 546acres, built more than 10 million square meters of teaching and living facilities, equipped the professional needs of the training equipments, such as modern student apartments, standardized student cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool, playground, laboratory services, training and living facilities. The environment of the campus is graceful that is the ideal life for every students. 

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Advanced Educational Concepts

        Our college focus on electronic information, financial and manufacturing sectors as service objects, and those objects actively adapt to the modern service industry development needs of modern manufacturing industry. They are relying on an international background and global perspective of the management team is committed to “differences of professional development, personal training and development of international generation’, to serve for the purpose to employment-oriented. It is the path of reform and development in the combination of study and research. We provide the best learning and growing environment for our students, that train our students to be a high quality of skilled personnel with national and international students.

Excellence teachers and management team

        Most of our staff in leadership and management has long term leadership and management work experiences in Higher vocational institutes. Our college formatted a system with sound, advanced idea, implementation of strong teaching and management team by professional business leaders and young backbone.

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